Know Us

Known for its rich culture and genuine Arabian hospitality, the UAE enfolds a hybrid of sand dunes, mountainous landscapes, vast beaches and a vibrant dichotomy between traditional communities and modern urbanism. Its successful developmental strategy and fine infrastructure have furnished a strong foundation for tourism facilities with a range of elegant hotels, a variety of shopping malls, a myriad of cuisines, entertainment parks and more.

The UAE is almost a yearlong land of sunshine with a twist of multiculturalism and a pivotal business hub. This enterprising heterogeneity creates a comfortable as well as a high level of safety in the country, which in turn give rise to the UAE as a tourism destination.

We at Bon Tours have gained the experience of what the UAE can offer. Our research has empowered us to set up a variety of services to coincide with the visitor’s requests:


Bon Tours has a list of 250 well-chosen hotels and hotel apartments around the UAE, the selection is based on location, service quality, popularity and reliability. This selection process was carried out for an aim to offer a suitable variety for all client requests. We therefore provide accommodation for business or leisure trips with either a limited or open budget, while taking into account the number of travellers whether it is an individual, family or a group.


Our link to Dubai Immigration system makes the process of obtaining a visa to the UAE quite simple, since we ask for the minimum required documents, reasonable fees and take little time to process the application. The entire process is done in-house and follow-ups of the visa status can be tracked through our local system.


Owning a fleet of budget automobiles, luxury cars, vans and minibuses was an essential target for Bon Tours in order to meet different client requirements. We highly focus on vehicle maintenance biennially to ensure high standards of hygiene and service. Our friendly presentable chauffeurs are fully trained to welcome guests and arrange transfers to various destinations around the UAE.

Meet & Assist

Meeting and assisting our guests is a service we happily provide in any location in the UAE, various packages are also available for Airport assistance in order to expedite airport procedures from passport control to luggage claims. Our guests are assisted with a VIP service to a private lounge and special care is provided for the disabled and seniors.

We also offer a 24/7 multilingual phone service for any queries and information our guests may need.

Tours & Excursions

Bon Tours fashioned a high quality range of tours and excursions where culture, adventure and leisure meet to appeal to a wide range of tourists. We offer a variety of activities like sightseeing, safaris, marine and aerial tours along with other entertaining and special excursions.

Our tours spread to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and Fujairah, accommodating individual tourists or a group of any size. Our guests can enjoy up to 48 different types of excursions ranging from city tours, desert safaris, yachts, cruises, helicopter, seaplane, hot air balloon, entertainment parks, cultural tours and much more.

Transportation can be arranged anywhere around the UAE with our comfortable and well-maintained vehicles. A team of well-informed tour guides (several languages available) are there to make sure each guest gets the best out of the experience.

Special tours and excursions can also be customized based on the guest's desire and interest.


The UAE is becoming a popular destination for golf lovers. It is the fine quality and the unique designs of golf facilities in the country what makes this destination a place worth visiting.

We at Bon Tours have taken a special interest in golf tourists and trained our team about golf and golfer needs. We also possess valid contracts with all the UAE golf clubs to present the golfer with several options.

Special packages have been designed for golf lovers who would like to visit one or a number of the UAE’s world-class golf courses in one trip.

Vehicle & Chauffeur

Our vehicle and chauffeur service can be arranged to and from anywhere around the UAE. We provide a variety of average priced cars, fancy rides, vans, mini buses or buses for a large number of people.

Bon Tours aims for a high quality of vehicles and ensures regular maintenance and model renewal every 2 years. Our utmost concern is for the vehicles to remain at an excellent level of cleanliness in order to satisfy our guests. The chauffeurs on board are always presentable and friendly with a high level of professionalism and well-informed knowledge about the country.

Vehicle Rental

We provide vehicle rental services for a variety of budget, luxury cars or vans for a long or a short term rent. Prices are competitive and the vehicles are in excellent conditions and not older than 2 years. We have easy booking procedures and replacement services as well. Delivery of the requested vehicle to any point in the UAE is also available.