Know Us

Providing an all-inclusive tourism enterprise where all guest demands can be met.

Offering a well-selected range of 250 hotels and hotel apartments around the UAE.

Incorporating a turnkey online system for express visa procedures.

Owning a private well-maintained fleet of vehicles.

Providing a transportation service which is accessible from any location in the UAE for any number of passengers.

Covering all major tourism sites around the UAE.

Providing flexible tours and excursions which can accommodate a single guest or a group of any size.

Having excellent knowledge of golf, golf facilities and golfer needs.

Offering a high quality Vehicle and Chauffeur services.

Offering a well maintained variety of budget and luxury vehicle rentals.

Operating 365 days a year and working an average of 14 hours a day.

Assisting guests with a 24/7 helpline to respond to whatever inquiry or information needed.

Prioritizing quality control and customer support to ensure high level of service.

Comprising of a fully qualified, dedicated and knowledgeable team to run our operations.

Customizing premium and VIP packages upon client request.

Having a 10-year experience in tourism, client demands and the local market.

Providing simple procedures for bookings and payments.